Get Ready for a Suits Spinoff

Suits Is Getting A Spinoff

There's a new Suits spinoff in the works and it features Jessica Pearson!

USA Network and Universal Cable Productions (UCP) announced today that the season seven finale of Suits, airing in the first quarter of 2018, will serve as a potential spinoff that would center around Jessica.

In Season 6 of Suits, Jessica left the firm in the hands of Harvey and Louis. She made a surprise appearance in the season six finale to help Mike pass the bar. She's made a few appearances in season 7, mostly when Harvey goes to her for advice.

The season seven finale is slated to have Jessica appear again when Harvey, Mike, Louis, Donna, and Rachel go to see their old friend, mentor, and boss as she adjusts to her new life in the Windy City. 

Entertainment Networks President, Chris McCumber, said "The powerhouse character of Jessica Pearson, expertly brought to life by the incomparable Gina Torres, has won the hearts of television fans everywhere. USA Network is beyond thrilled to work with Gina, Aaron Korsh, the entire Suits producing team, and our partners at UCP to explore the exciting next phase of Jessica’s story."

“Gina Torres is a terrific actress and a valued member of our family,” added Jeff Wachtel, Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, and President, Universal Cable Productions. “Gina and Aaron have created a truly memorable character in Jessica Pearson, and we felt we owed it to the audience -- and ourselves! -- to follow her journey beyond the original show.”

Torres issued the following statement regarding the pilot spinoff (which, in true Suits form, features a Shawshank reference):

“Shawshank Redemption is one of my all-time favorite movies. And there is a line in it where Morgan Freeman's character Red, basically says that in prison, hope is a dangerous thing. Well, such is the life of an actor. But every now and then, if you're lucky, you get a miracle. Suits was one such miracle. And then I had the audacity to not just hope, but dream up another. Is there a world where we follow Jessica's story? Who is this woman, REALLY? And what's next? And then Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel and Aaron Korsh said, ‘Let's do’

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