In today's world of dynamic career opportunities what is it that a job seeker should know. People now a days start working in their 20s and most of the people keep working through their 60s and 70s. The various stages of their career involved are:


This is the beginning of career cycle of a person. Being young and high in energy it involves a lot of long working hours. Since experience is less the energy to learn is more, they can afford to work longer working hours and take risks of jumping from job to job. If chosen wisely it can work in their benifit only. Key to success is save more and focus on growing.


This is when experience start building up and skills and knowledge improve. This calls for better opportunity coming your way. If you happen to have good networking skills it definitely pays. Make the maximum of it as by the end of 30's responsibilities start building up.


This is the best time of career since good amount of skills and experience puts us at the peak of our career graph. This is also the time when responsibilities build up like marriage, children, mortgage, depending parents etc. This is the time when we slow down and start sticking to a reasonably decent job with good benefits and is dependable enough.


This is the time when reaching peak and not letting oneself being outdated are very close to each other. Upgrading oneself with the newer skills are very important since it adds value when compared to the younger generation employees. The networking takes a back seat by this time so improved networking is also key to being considered for great hires. Having a great social presence on LinkedIn also keeps you on the upper chart.

60's and 70's

The time when a lot of people are afraid of not having work and becoming dependent on kids. For those who are more keen to work at this age their skill and experience are asset to consultancies hence they should choose to become a consultant. If made maximum of opportunities we can accumulate enough wealth to plan retirement and enjoy your hobbies and holidays.

At any stage in life if chosen wisely you can make maximum of opportunity coming your way.

Bye for now.

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