BMW’s Smart Concept Bike, Motorrad Vision Next 100 Wont Require a Helmet

BMW’s Smart Concept Bike, Motorrad Vision Next 100 Wont Require a Helmet

Very recently in Santa Monica, BMW Company introduced latest bike concept so artificially intelligent that it removes the requirement for the driver to use any protective gear, including the helmet as well.

Let's find more about it.

The First Look

According to the Company, the "flex frame" reaches out from the front wheel to the rear one of the BMW's model Motorrad Vision Next. It permits the bike to be steered without the huge number of joints on the bikes we have at present. Turning the handle regulates the whole frame, altering the direction of the motorcycle.

The latest epitome of their Vision Next series

The BMW Motorrad Vision 100 bike is the latest epitome of their Vision Next series, which commemorates 100 years of the German brand with futuristic concept vehicles from, BMW, Rolls-Royce and some other brands. This group has been organizing contests throughout the world in this year to introduce each new concept in a different city. The event of California, occurred in an old airplane hangar, showed the bikes along each of the Company's other formerly shown concepts. It is the fourth and last one of its concepts to be displayed.

See the future

When the bike is on rest mode, the element that powers it stays little; when the motorcycle goes forward, the element enlarges to increase the aerodynamics and shields the driver while at a velocity. But how does it achieve that? Let's find out.

Optimized balancing systems to retain it straight

At least according to the company, it is a motorcycle that has well-balanced systems to retain it straight both when standing (beneficial for the training wheels for the manual cycle as well) and throughout the motion (helpful for experienced drivers who wish for proper handling at higher velocities).

The Visor

No. of systems-one is ''Digital Companion.'' According to the company it provides proper driving advice and adjustment features to utilize the experience, and another one known as "The Visor," which is a set of glasses that space the whole field of vision and are managed by the eye movements-associate to repeat active response about road constraints to the driver while shifting the ride of the bike constantly depending on the rider's proper driving style.

The giant metal reflector

According to the BMW, the front wheel is thoroughly equipped with the giant metal reflector and the running light of daytime; the element works as a wind deflector.

AI systems performing in the background

"The motorcycle has the well range of the connected data from with the near surrounding and a set of AI systems performing in the background, so it very well knows exactly what comes ahead," said by the BMW's head of consumer experience.

According to the BMW, a visor that every driver will wear will assist to control and direct the motorcycle. The instruction from the visor is directing the movement of your eyes.

The bike is designed to be well suited for both beginner and experienced riders

It also claims to utilize a novel matte flex frame that is quick enough to permit the motorcycle to shift without any joints present on today's bikes. The logic is that when a driver turns the handle, it adopts the entire frame to shift the direction of the motorcycle; at lesser velocities, only a slight input is necessary, while at higher velocities it requires high input to change the course. This should enhance the factor safety of driving a bike so a little switch at 160kmph is not going to shift you in an unexpectedly different direction. The bike is designed to be well suited for both beginners and experienced riders. (Company has also created a jacket with the diagonal facing zipper and proper ventilation elements to accompany the new bike.)

Designed to stimulate the bike of 1932(R32)

But maybe not everything related to this concept bike is forward-looking. The triangle shape with a black color of the frame linked with the white trim lining and the classic boxer engine form are designed to stimulate the bike of 1932(R32), the very first bike BMW ever made. The design including upper frame cover, seat and wings are fabricated of carbon, and the motorcycle will run with the futuristic non-gasoline power source. Naturally according to the experts.

The future is near!

Like most of the concepts, BMW has stagnated to particularize when, if ever, this motorcycle will be made. But the technology may eventually drizzle down to the future models in the upcoming few decades of Motorrad.

The BMW concept motorcycle looks extremely far away, and the group has launched only fine details about what to imagine in terms of bringing it to the production if it ever initiates. But similar to all their Vision Next concepts, BMW executives said that they aimed it that way. After all, they would not wish to tip off challengers.

"Normally when we make a motorcycle, we lean to think 5 to 10 years in advance," Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad, said in a press statement. On this event, they looked further ahead as well and got some very interesting attractive prospects.

The motorbike is minimal to see but one will love the fat rear tire and, below the carbon seat and two fine red with illuminated strips that form the back light and the indicators.

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Very recently in Santa Monica, BMW Company introduced latest bike concept so artificially intelligent