SPOILER ALERT - This Is Us - Jack's BROTHER???

We got to see more glimpses into Jack Pearson’s past on Tuesday night’s episode, "Brothers". As you might have guessed from the title...Jack has a mysterious brother. Knock me down with a feather and file it under "The X Files"

I have got to say that I want to have some of whatever the writer's are on. If you look at this like a project diagram, it's such a web of interconnected story lines that it would look like a spider crawling through ink!

In season 1, we met his abusive alcoholic father, Stanley Pearson, and saw a moment of Jack’s military service in the Vietnam War. And now, in the second season, we see that Stanley may die of cirrhosis without saying a final farewell to his son. In addition, we learn more about Jack’s life as a soldier.

Tuesday’s episode revealed that Jack had been hiding a major truth about himself for the past decade: his brother Nicky. Wait, WHAT???

Flashbacks showed Jack with his younger brother waking up from the backseat in a car and putting on his black-rimmed glasses before Jack said, “Don’t worry Nicky. I’m not going anywhere, I’m not going anywhere.” As we have never heard of Nicky before this, I am guessing that Jack didn't manage to keep his promise. Now the $64,000 questions is WHY? What happened? Is Nicky alive, dead, and if so what are the circumstances surrounding his death? 

Okay, so that is a few $64,000 questions. $256,000 by my reckoning.

Then the scene fast forwarded to adult Jack looking through a memory box filled with dog tags and old photos from his military days, including a group picture that showed Nicky wearing glasses and a nametape that read “Pearson.” The implication is that Nicky died in Vietnam, this is "This Is Us", so who knows?

And during the first season, fans and viewers saw Jack transition from Army vet to neighborhood mechanic. Remember when Mrs. Peabody asked Jack: “How did you come back from Vietnam so nice? Seems like most of the boys lose their damn minds over there.” And Jack told her, “I was just a mechanic. You know, maybe we had it a little easier over there.”

Well, it appears Jack wasn’t just a mechanic. Maybe Nicky isn't dead, maybe he just lost his mind. Could he be a vagrant in a future episode, looking at the family house from behind a bush, or maybe, just maybe, he was around wen a certain house fire took place.

Well it certainly got the attention of a few people on Twitter. Some you may have heard of before.

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