8 Celebrities Who are Most Famous For Their Body Parts...

People gain fame from their good work and talent the other way round celebrities attain fame from their good looks and talent. In the way of fame celebrities sometimes attain fame and name by their particular unique things, act or habit. Some celebrities attain fame for a hot body and then their are some who attain fame for their iconic body parts.

1. Kylie Jenner Lips

Kylie Jenner the young and beautiful business women, model and American reality tv star is known for her iconic lip which she claims to be natural and not having and kind of surgery or injections.

2. Cara Delevigne Eyebrow

Cara Delevigne is a famous model and actress who is known for her symbolic eyebrow style.

3. Julia Roberts Smile

Julia Roberts is a famous American actress as well as producer who is very well known for her pretty and a very wide smile. Her smile is the reason for her fan following.

4. Kim Kardashian Butt

Kim kardashian the beautiful American reality telivision star, actress and model is known for her huge, attractive and curvy butt which is the reason for her huge fan following and fame.

5. Miley Cyrus Abs

Miley Cryus the famous American singer and actress is known for her abs after her dressing style. Her abs sure shows how health conscious she is.

6. Christina Hendricks Chest

Christina Hendricks is a beautiful and talented American actress who is very well known for her iconic and appealing chest which is very attractive.

7. Jared Leto Hair

Jared leto is a very handsome and famous American actor is well known for is unique and weird hairstyles which are very different and one of a kind.

8. Cindy Crawford Mole

Cindy Crawford is a very beautiful and famous American model and actress who is very well known for her mole above her lips which is considered as a mark of beauty.

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