Cowboys Herding Cats - Is This The Funniest TV Ad Ever?

Possibly the funniest TV commercial you've never seen.

Do you know what the toughest job in the world is?

Perhaps you think it could be a police officer, or maybe a soldier? Fire fighter or miner may also spring to mind, but actually it's none of these, because it's actually being a ... cat herder!

What It's About

This award winning commercial was made for EDS and it depicts a band of rough and ready cowboy’s herding thousands of reluctant cats across the Montana Prairie. According to one of the cowboys involved:

“Anyone can herd cattle but holding together 10,000 half wild short hairs is completely different altogether”

The advert shows clearly the dangers and difficulties these cowboy heroes face on a daily basis - there's even some nasty injuries, but It’s all just part of the job. 

The commercial won numerous awards and accolades including a Cannes Silver Lion in 2000 and a Bronze Clio in 2001 as well as being cited by Bill Clinton as his favorite commercial at the time.

Here's The Video For You To Enjoy

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Halloween and cats just seem made for each other somehow don't they?

It's almost as if some of these kitties have been painted!

Great idea! Now maybe my kitty will let me have some couch space!