Are You Afraid Of GOD?

Most of those that name themselves believers, profess that they're afraid of God. What does this imply? Allow us to discuss extra about this. Are they actually afraid of God? Are they afraid of God as a lot as they're afraid of their pals and others whereas doing one thing incorrect? For instance, a colleague of yours has to hurry out and has left the mail field open. You might be very curious to check out it. If nobody is round, will you be nonetheless afraid considering that at the very least God is watching? Please take into consideration this.

The reality is that we're afraid of actual individuals and never God. Besides only a few of us, most of us don’t all the time keep in mind the presence of God in any respect the locations and through all of the instances. Take a wedding performed alone in a temple by a pair. Who was the witness? God. But when one of many companion denies that marriage, or decides to maintain the wedding a secret, can something be finished by the opposite companion? Nothing. Besides praying to God, who was the witness, the opposite companion can do nothing. As a result of no human being was the witness. Was the companion who denied or selected to maintain complete secrecy and lied concerning the marriage to society afraid of God? 

It's of vital significance that you simply give attention to God’s nice love for you and never let misleading spirits trick you into considering that God frowns on you whenever you fall into sin. Sure, God is upset, however when a bit of baby with good dad and mom runs off and falls, what’s the very first thing he does? He seems to mommy or daddy for consolation. You, too, ought to run into Daddy’s arms for the consolation you want. God is in your aspect. He cares deeply for you.

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