Here Are Two Keys To Facebook Page Success

It's time to get your Facebook Pages to FLY!


If you're the owner of a Facebook Page or Pages then you'll be only too aware of how much hard work they entail and how disheartening it can be trying to achieve success.

So in this article I'm going to give you the one reason why your page is probably not bringing you the success you hoped for and also introduce you to two incredibly useful tools I use to make my own page stand out from the crowd: the PAGEZ content creator and the FP Traffic viral content finder/page-manager

The Hard Truth - Your Page Will Probably Fail

Here's the facts, nearly all of the 100 million plus Facebook pages out there totally suck! They make their owners no real money and most are completely dead.

That might be unpalatable for you to hear, but it's the truth.

 I know from bitter experience how much it sucks - you slog away putting in all that work and for what? Peanuts (if you're lucky).

Here's WHY Most Pages Fail

Here's why: Their Page Engagement is crap.

Think about why people regularly visit their favorite Facebook Pages. Is it to be sold something? NO! They comes to be entertained, to learn something or to interact with other like minded people (mostly the first of these).

If your page meets their wants then visitors will start to actually engage. And, when they start to do this then Facebook will notice and your Page will start growing in the way you always dreamed of.

In other words - your Page needs a constant stream of Engaging Content.

The Content Trap

And there's the problem! Continually trying to write your own engaging content is incredibly hard work and takes huge amounts of time. After a while the exhaustion becomes just too much.

So, the answer is to also post other content to your page as well as your own - content that has been proven to engage and hold visitors and that has a high likelihood of going viral.

But of course finding that content also takes loads of time as well.

This overwhelming time expenditure is what finishes most people when it comes to creating a successful Facebook Page.

So let me introduce you to two tools that I use to spring me from the Content Trap:

1) The PAGEZ Facebook Instant Articles Tool

If you are unaware what Facebook Instant Articles (FIA's) are then there is loads of info available on the web. Basically they offer a way to present your own content directly within the Facebook app itself, rather than the user having to load the page from your own external blog.

At first glance this seems like a really bad thing, after all I want the readers to visit my own blog so that they click on my Adsense ads or whatever - right?

Well, as I've discovered to my profit, that's not necessarily the case and that properly monetized, FIA's can be way more profitable than your own blog.

BTW: this article is created within PAGEZ. If you're reading it using your mobile then you'll see it in FIA format and you'll notice the automatically placed Facebook Audience Network ads. If you're using desktop then you'll be seeing this post in a standard blog style and it will be automatically monetized with my own Adsense ads.

Here are the salient points to note about FIA's and the PAGEZ tool:

  • the PAGEZ tool is completely 100% free to use
  • FIA's seem to get much better organic reach than external link posts (no surprise there!)
  • FIA articles get shared a lot more
  • there is a very easy to use article creation interface within PAGEZ
  • there are no limits to the number of articles you can create using PAGEZ
  • you don't need your own blog at all, it all happens within the PAGEZ site
  • you don't need your own Facebook Audience Network account
  • ad placement is completely automatic and optimized
  • your earnings are paid into your PayPal account fortnightly (PAGEZ take a small percentage of your ad earnings, which is how the service is funded)
  • there is an active (and useful) private Facebook group

So create your own PAGEZ account and try it for yourself

2) The FP Traffic Tool

If instead of endlessly searching the web trying desperately to find viral content what if you had a tool that that would do all the hard work for you? A tool that would:

  • Find viral content for you in your chosen niche (images, videos)
  • Then automatically schedule that content for you
  • Search for the best Monetization options for your niche
  • And do all this (plus a lot more besides) for an unlimited number of Pages and posts, and for less than the price of a coffee a week

How much easier do you think it would be to finally get some success with your Facebook Pages? The tool in question is one that I've been using for the last five years and I simply couldn't imagine doing without it now. 

It's called FP Traffic and while it costs (literally) a couple of bucks a week it saves me at least twenty hours in that time, spread out over the five pages I manage with it.

Stop wasting your valuable time and create an FP Traffic account of your own

In Summary

The bottom line is that creating and maintaining a successful Facebook Page is always going to involve some serious work. How much work depends to a large extent on how effectively you utilize your time availability.

Don't make the mistake of attempting to do everything yourself - try out these two software assistants instead, before you run out of energy!

Thanks for taking the time to read this - please share with our friends.

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