Double Amputee Copes With Humor And On Tinder

Mandy Horvath lost both her legs in 2014, after her drink was spiked and she was run over on a railway track.

When she was brought to hospital, the doctors initially thought she was trying to kill herself.

By the time she was conscious and able to tell them she had been a victim of drugging, it was too late to chemically test her body for 'date rape' drugs. Mandy Horvath lost both of her legs above the knee after she was hit by a coal train as she lay unconscious on the track near a bar she had been at in Steele City, Nebraska. She believes she was 'left to die' after her drink was spiked with a date rape drug.

Horvath came back from this horrific way to lose your legs, with a beautifully dark sense of humour.

Her Instagram @lifeproofbionicwoman is well worth a follow, as a sample of her amazing dark sense of humor and love of life.

Mandy avoided dating for years after her accident because she felt too self-conscious but recently decided to set up a Tinder profile after watching an inspirational YouTube video about dating as a disabled woman.

Mandy continued: 'When I tried to date after I lost my legs I would always get guys asking me "how does sex work for you?", and it completely put me off dating.

"I was completely alienated from any sort of romantic opportunity due to my own lack of insight.
But now that I've broken the ice and sexualized my disability with my humor, I am acknowledged as an individual rather than someone bound to a wheelchair."

But the 24-year-old student is determined not to be defined by her disability and set up a Tinder profile packed with darkly comic jokes about her missing legs. 

Referring to herself as a 'stand up comedian', Mandy, who lives in Colorado, writes how she'll 'never run away' and is taking her condition 'in her stride'. 

She has had some funny responses as well from potential daters who go with her sense of humor instead of just feeling sorry or freaked out.

Anyway this brave and beautiful woman has found a way to deal with the horrors that life threw at her. She is nobody's and "no body's" prisoner.

I stepped out of my box- wore these bad boys to campus today. I love my school :)

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