The best Classic Romantic Moments Remembering Gilmore Girls’ Luke and Lorelai

The best Classic Romantic Moments: Remembering Gilmore Girls’ Luke and Lorelai

Though their story is far from over, as they stand in the doorway kissing, for the moment, an image of happiness is present. It’s definitely one of the best moments of the entire show, and certainly one of the best kisses ever!


“You Wanna’ Dance?”


"That Damn Donna Reed"

Remember when Lorelai helped pick out paint samples for Luke's Diner? After Luke says "thank you" to Lorelai, there's that moment (at mark 3:35), where their eyes meet and linger. *chills*

"Women of Questionable Morals"

Despite Lorelai lying to Luke about comforting Christopher after his father died, Luke made her an ice skating rink. Um, yeah, he's the best.

 "Raincoats And Recipes"

At the practice run for the Dragonfly Inn, Luke and Lorelai KISS! Need I say more?"

 "The Bracebridge Dinner"

"Hey, you in the belt. Get in." As soon as Lorelai uttered those words to Luke, you knew their sleigh ride would become a memorable one.

In the series finale, they got back together and sealed it with a kiss. That took long enough, amiright?

Luke and Lorelai, forever.

Have you watched Gilmore Girls? What’s your favorite Luke and Lorelai moment? Are you excited about the Netflix revival and the idea of more Luke and Lorelai scenes? Comment down below with any thoughts you have. I’d love to read your comment

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