MMA Knockout Labelled ‘Most Savage Ever’ By Fans

An MMA fighters debut has been called one of the "Most Savage" Knockout's ever...

In Friday night's Bellator 186 fight, Tywan Claxton was fighting Jonny Bonilla-Bowman. Within 90 seconds of the fight, the 24-year-old featherweight landed an incredible flying knee kick. 

The move knocked Bonilla-Bowman completely out.

Watch the moment he landed the knee kick here:

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About 2 minutes later Bonilla-Bowman got back to his stool... but he needed help getting back out of the cage. No surprise there! 

Claxton was a 7-0 amateur,called out Aaron Pico after announcing the move to Bellator MMA.  

He told FloCombat in an earlier interview:

One, I got beaters, and he has no chin. So if I touch him one time, it’s over. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ I touch him. It’s ‘when’ I touch him. That’s a fight that I can go out there and try new moves.
That’s like a little brother fight. I can put my hand on his head and let him swing a couple times and touch him on the chin.

Even the guy who beat Pico [Freeman], hell, if you want to throw me on the main card, I will starch his ass in less than 24 seconds. I’ll starch the guy that beat Pico. I’ll make my pro debut against a guy that’s 10-2, 10-3, whatever that guy’s record is. I’m not worried about it.

Let's take a look at that KO again...

I think I honestly could watch this in slow-motion and on repeat for hours.

What an incredible debut. 

Let's take a look from another angle...

and yep... there's no getting up after that.

Teaching kids martial arts is the cutest thing ever.

Teaching kids martial arts is the cutest thing ever.

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