UK set for another Arctic freeze next week with heavy snow affecting many locations

From Monday next week we can expect to see a big change in the weather with Polar winds blowing from the north west bring a lot of snow and ice for many parts of the UK.

A “potent winter blast” is poised to sweep the country after the weekend bringing an end to the milder, settled weather.

Temperatures will plunge widely below freezing by the middle of next week with remote spots dropping under -10C (14F) in cold winds. 

Britons are braced for further travel mayhem with “intense” snowfall in parts threatening to grind roads and transport networks to a halt.

The Met Office today warned people to be braced for a “significant change” with strong winds, rain and snow possible through to the end of January.

Frequent and heavy hail and snow showers are likely to affect many parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland from Monday evening, continuing for much of the day on Tuesday. Travel delays on roads are possible, with a small chance of cancellations to public transport. There is a small chance that power cuts will occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected. In addition some roads and pavements may become icy, increasing the chance of injuries from slips and falls.

"Then by the end of next week, large waves develop in the jet stream with a big plunge south over western Europe with temperatures falling to nearer normal and then below normal more widely.

"There is nothing extreme just typical for late January with snow over high ground in the north and west in the north-westerly flow off the Atlantic. There will be frosts overnight."

Some forecast models predict a longer cold spell with fronts firstly from the Atlantic and then the East - but there is still uncertainty in the outcome.

The Weather this week is expected to have just about everything in it to throw at us at some point, watch here to see exactly what is going on.

Met Office Issues Weather Warnings for Sub-Zero Temperatures Set to Last Over a Week From Tuesday Next Week.

Check out whats in store for the weekend so your prepared for what ever the weather.