10 WTF Selfie Reflection Fails That Will Freak You Out

Taking a selfie is the trend running for many years and I guess it will continue to be an obsession for many more coming years round the globe. But in order to have a better picture, people often neglect the background in which they are clicking it. There are "n" number of images that arrest the outrageous unfortunate reflections along with the selfies of people.

# Selfie 13: Butt selfie

The girl taking selfie in front has no idea what's going on behind her back. The guy staring at a butt is making a damn embarrassing background.

# Selfie 12: Teaching kids about taking selfie

It is very crucial on the part of parents to parent their kids well. This mom teaches her daughter how to click a perfect selfie.

# Selfie 12: We can read your eyes

Everything gets a clear view with the shades.

# Selfie 10: It would have been a perfect selfie

The girl almost managed to capture a flawless selfie only if the dog's meal bowls had been removed.

# Selfie 10: Make sure that no one gets left

This shows that you should not leave anyone while taking a group selfie. Lol, the mirror reflection of one of your friends is appearing in the picture.

# Selfie 8: This is what we call 'Beauty obsession'

Wondering, whether the woman forgot about the place where she is taking up a selfie or is it intentionally done. Never mind, she created her own right moments.

# Selfie 7: A candid picture

That is so romantic, no picture of the world can beat this one. But girl, if you had cropped a little more, we would've trusted you blindly.

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