video of the building collapse, 77 people so sacrifice

The number of victims wounded by breezeway 2nd floor Tower 2 Indonesia stock exchange (idx) collapsed, until Monday afternoon reached 77 people. Head of public relations of the Metro Jaya Regional Police Commissioner Raden Pandowo Argo Yuwono said the victims hospitalized Mintoharjo, RS, RS MRCCC Center Pertamina Jakarta, and RS.

ARGO said, officers have examined three witnesses related these events, namely the security officer Aston and Andi Sisworo, as well as the driver of Johanan. Event occurs, said Argo, started when the witnesses were around the lobby of the Tower II BEI in the area of SCBD Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, on Monday, January 15, 2018, at 11.55 BST.

At that time, a number of students make a visit. Suddenly a voice toned than in Tower II BEI. Based on the examination, said Argo, that voice comes from the 1st floor Tower 2 collapsed BEI overwrite a number of casualties.

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