7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep With Your Dog

Do you sleep with your dog ?

We all have different opinions whether it is a good idea to sleep with our dogs. Many people are against this idea mainly because they think of it as being unhygienic and dirty.

However, research shows that there are health benefits and many advantages when you snuggle with your dog on your bed. After my research, I have realized that most people actually love sharing a bed with their dogs. Some say they feel relaxed and comfortable which helps them have a better night.

This sleeping arrangement is beneficial to the dog owner and the dog. Here are some convincing reasons why sleeping on the same bed with your dog is a good idea.

7. It is good for brain chemistry

Touching, petting or snuggling your dog helps in raising the level of Oxycontin in the brain. This chemical helps us feel relaxed and increase our emotions on trust and stability.

6. Reduces stress and anxiety

Dogs are always cheerful and playful. It seems that their positive outlook is contagious because allowing your dog snuggle next to you in bed reduces stress although it is not how a dog helps in reducing anxiety and stress.

5. It is a mutual benefit

Dogs also appreciate it a lot when they snuggle with their owners and allowing with to sleep on your bed makes them feel loved and comfortable. That also gives them an assurance that the feeling between you two is mutual.

4. Helps in fighting insomnia

Many people experience insomnia either chronically or temporarily which is very difficult to deal with. A dog’s rhythmical breathing can lull you to sleep quickly, and their presences also make you calmer and cozy. Allowing your dog sleep with you will help you sleep soundly, and we all know having a good sleep will lead to a good morning.

3. They give you warmth

A dog’s body temperature is almost six degrees higher than the human body temperature. Allowing your dog to sleep on your bed guarantees you a warm and cozy night especially during the cold season. During the summer it could be a problem sleeping with your dog so you should consider having coolers in your room if you still want to sleep with your dog.

2. Help reduce depression

People who undergo depression need unconditional love and attention which is hard to get from people without being referred as an attention seeker. It is advisable for someone who is going through a tough time to get therapy dogs because dogs are known to give unconditional love and attention to their owners.

1.Dogs help you feel safe

Here is the top reason why you should allow you dog to sleep in your bed. Many people prefer sleeping with someone by their side because it makes them feel safe. Dogs have a super sense of hearing and always bark when they see a stranger. Sleeping with your dog guarantees you full safety while you are asleep. In addition to that, we know that no dog would let any harm to their owner, so they will constantly be watching their owners as they sleep.

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