Ivana Baquero Fans Are Amazing!

She would think so too!

Hello Ivana Baquero Fans! We would like to thank you for still supporting the Ivana Fanpage and Tumblr accounts while we were absent. Sometimes life gets in the way, but we are back better than ever! There is a plethora amount of Ivana content to be added on the Facebook page and the Tumblr account as well. There are actually a lot of pictures of Ivana that have showed up online that we would love to share with you. Stay tuned for that!

Photo source: Ivana Official Website 

In the meantime, I will be summarizing the Composure Magazine article that Ivana was featured in. The scans are just breathtaking, but best of all the interview concludes that Ivana is a down to earth human who thinks highly of her adoring fans. 

First, Ivana tells us that  she loves traveling to Japan and Portugal, and the food there is delicious. Then, she goes on about interactions with her fans. They were awkward at first, when she was a young actress at age 11. She didn't understand why other children would giggle, following her around the mall. But now, she understands that it's something that children just do! 

Ivana loves it when her fans are quite shy and don't know how to approach her at first. She wants them to feel comfortable and know they can talk to her. She's able to recognize their shyness, and loves that about them. 

In the interview, Ivana states that likes to consume popcorn and coca cola at the same, and that's a guilty pleasure for her. She also loves cheesecake! Her favorite TV show to watch is Friends, and likes that Velvet is coming back in the fashion world. 

Last, Ivana closes her interview saying that she hopes to still be acting 10 years from now and finished with her degree. Did you know that Ivana is working towards her degree in law? Amazing!


We hope that you enjoyed learning more about Ivana from this article. She's grown up so much since Pan's Labyrinth 11 years ago! Ivana Baquero Fansource promises to bring you more content like this. Thanks for sticking with us the last several years! 

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