4 Supernatural Memes Only A True Fan Would Understand

Do you understand them?

#1 Salt and Burn

Dean and Sam often salt and burn corpses and other items.

They do this to get rid of ghosts and spirits that are living beyond the grave.

#2 Mystery Spot

Aside from the other countless deaths in the show,

Sam sees Dean die numerous times in the Season 3 

episode, Mystery Spot. This is the episode where he get 

the famous Sam quote, "Yesterday was Tuesday, but today

is Tuesday too."

#3 Good Try

While this is a funny meme, it doesn't exactly make sense to us Supernatural fans.

In the show Supernatural, Sam and Dean do not use salt to hunt demons. They use

a demon blade, the colt, and other weapons, but never salt. Salt would only be helpful

when hunting ghosts. 

#4 Life of Pie

Dean loves pie... What else needs to be said?

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