Curiosity Killed The Cat. 21 Ways To Prevent This From Happening

Kittens are curious animals capable of leaping onto high surfaces or squeezing in the tiniest of spaces. To safeguard your possessions, and to protect your kitty in his surroundings, kitten-proof your home.

  • Use childproof latches to keep small paws from prying open cabinets
  • Keep medicines, cleaners, chemicals, and laundry equipment in a secure place
  • Keep trash cans covered or inside a latched cabinet

  • Assess for and block any little spaces, nooks, or openings within cabinetry or behind washer/dryer components
  • Make certain they have not jumped to the washer/dryer until you turn it on
  • Keep foods out of reach (even if the food is not harmful, the wrapper may be).

  • Keep shoes and laundry behind closed doors (laces and buttons may cause significant problems if chewed and ingested)
  • Keep any medicines, lotions, or makeup off accessible surfaces (such as the bedside table or dressers)
  • Move electrical and telephone wires out of reach of chewing.

  • Living/family space: Place dangling wires from lamps, game consoles, televisions, stereos, and telephones from reach
  • Keep kids toys put away
  • Put away knick-knacks until your kitty has the coordination to not knock them over

  • Assess all those areas where your vacuum cleaner does not reach, but your kitty does, and for dangerous things like string, and tiny objects.
  • Some plants can be poisonous, keep them out of reach, such as hanging plants which could be jumped onto from other neighboring surfaces
  • Be careful that you don't shut your kitty in closets or dresser drawers

  • Be sure all heating/air vents have a pay
  • Put away all sewing and craft ideas, especially thread.

  • The best way to protect the kittens would be to never let them inside the garage. When they see any door opened, to them its another area to explore for experience (trouble & threat). Boxes will entice them to play in, there might be danger in the garage. It's ideal to keep the garage secure should the kittens get in it. You could prevent a vet bill or even the kitten's death.

  • Move all chemicals or behind doors that are secure.
  • Clean up all antifreeze as one flavor, from the floor and drive can be deadly to a kitty.
  • Bang on your car hood to make certain that your kitty hasn't concealed in the engine for heat.

Follow these tips and you should keep your kitten as happy as this little fellow.

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