The PAGEZ Service And Why You Should Be Using It Now

What used to be a pain in the a** is now a snap


In this article I'm going to introduce you to a service that I started using a week or so ago called, and it's a service that I strongly recommend you try for yourself - best of all it's totally free.

Create your own Pagez account here

What is it all about? Basically Pagez enables you to very quickly and easily create and monetize content into a Facebook Instant Article format (FBIA's from now on). Until now I've always been put off from the idea of using FBIA's (more below if you don't understand what these are) because they've seemed to be too difficult and a good way of losing money.

Not any more though! What I'm finding is:

  • I'm creating content faster
  • Traffic flows have improved
  • My bounce rate has massively dropped
  • My content is far more likely to be consumed in it's entirety
  • My revenue per user has significantly increased

In case you hadn't already guessed: the article you're currently reading was created in Pagez. If you're on an IOS/Android device and linked to it via Facebook then you'll see it in FBIA format, otherwise in desktop format

Pagez was created by Luke Kling and that's how I found out about it. For those of you who don't know Luke, he's the creator of the superb FPTraffic sevice that's been proving indispensable to me for many years - so that in itself was a good enough recommendation.

Here's some key takeaway points about Pagez:

  • It has a very user friendly content creation interface that also allows for the easy embedding of external content such as YouTube videos and all major Social Media content
  • You don't need to have your own blog or website. Your content is generated and stored directly within the Pagez service itself - so no more hosting issues or costs
  • Ad placement is automatic and optimized for maximum CTR - AND, you don't need to bother with the hassle of creating your own Facebook ad network account (a big plus!). Your earnings are automatically paid into your PayPal or Payoneer account and typically exceed Google Adsense earnings
  • The articles you create are well formatted for both mobile and desktop and the mobile FBIA format loads instantly

The service is still quite new, but is being enhanced on an almost daily basis, and it's going to be big!

Create your own Pagez account and give it a try

What Are Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook Instant Articles were initiated a couple of years back by our friends at Facebook. Basically what they do is generate the user content directly within the Facebook app itself.

Ostensibly they're supposed to offer "... a way to improve the user experience of consuming content by providing it in a way that loads instantly and conforms to a single standard in terms of formatting".

Yeah, right! All of us can recognize bull when we hear it. There's only one real reason they were developed, and that's to ensure that users stay within Facebook and don't venture outside.

So Why Should I Want To Use Them?

That's a fair question - after all, at first glance they seem like a major disadvantage because FB is now trying to prevent users from getting to my blog (and clicking on my ads).

But that's actually not totally true. The content is still yours, it's just served up by FB and it's served up - instantly and within the Facebook app, and that's the real game-changer.

Because the users are still staying within the app, then they're going to be more profitable for Facebook, so you'll find that you're content gets viewed a lot more times than for conventional external links. Facebook deny this, but it's definitely true

No, you can't use Google Adsense within FBIA's, but you can most definitely monetize them by using Facebook Audience Network ads (basically their Adsense equivalent), and our friends at FB are way better at targeting user interests than Google are, so those ads get clicked regularly, and your potential earnings are considerably higher.

The Pagez service automatically monetizes the instant articles you create with Facebook Audience Network Ads on your behalf (and optimizes their placements as well), so you don't even have to create your own account. The earnings get automatically paid into your PayPal or Payoneer account


After using Pagez for just a little while now I have to say that I'm extremely impressed. It does everything the developers claim of it and more and I'm certainly finding it a great way to easily monetize my content creation efforts.

But don't take my word - create your own Pagez account and see for yourself!

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