7 Things Humans Do That Cats Hate

Don't you ever do these things again !

1. Making loud noises

Remember that cats can hear very high-pitched sounds, even more than dogs can. They can hear up to 64 kHz. That’s over 1.6 octaves more than we can. If you’re guilty of turning up the music excessively loud or let kids run amok when the cat’s around, place it another room. It’ll thank you for it.

2. Feeding old food

Cats are notoriously fussy, but you’d be too if someone fed you food that’s stale and dry. Aside from being unappetizing, it’s unhealthy and will do more harm than good. Feed your cat small portions frequently rather than setting out a huge meal that it can’t finish in one sitting. Throw the leftovers and feed fresh food at every meal.

3. Bathing

Aside from the very few that don’t mind being in the water, most cats can’t stand it. Unlike dogs that need to be bathed, cats don’t unless they get really dirty. They have spines on their tongues that aid in cleaning and grooming. So unless you need to, skip the bath and let your cat do its thing.

4. Dirty litter box

Keep in mind that cats’ sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of humans. If you want your cat to do its business in the litter box, you need to keep it clean. Otherwise, you could stumble on an unpleasant surprise on the carpet and even on the bed. Change the litter frequently to encourage your cat to use the box.

5. Roughhousing

You may be in the mood to play a little roughly with your cat the same way you do with your dog. Be prepared for swipes and hisses, however, as cats don’t like aggressive petting and play.

6. Constant attention

Unlike dogs that love attention from their human companions, cats don’t. It has to be on their terms. So as much as you want to snuggle and cuddle with your feline pal, wait for it to come to you. It’ll let you know it’s ready by meowing and rubbing on you.

7. Being ignored

It’s no wonder cats’ behavior leaves people stumped! While they don’t like too much attention, they hate being ignored too. It’s all a matter of balance with them. When you see your cat seeking attention, give it otherwise you’ll be in for incessant meowing and even clawing.

Cats make excellent companions. Despite their unpredictable ways, they enrich our lives with their antics and bossy behavior.

If you don’t already have a cat, you need to get one. And if you do, these tips will help you forge a very special bond with your feline friend.

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