The Cast Of "This Is Us" Played "Never Have I Ever" On Ellen. You HAVE To See What STERLING Said

Everyone's favorite TV family, the cast of This Is Us, played "Never Have I Ever" for Ellen's YouTube series, Ellen's Show Me More Show, and they were as funny as ever, even when Sterling K Brown made it get weird...and funny.

Straight away, things were a solid 11 on the cute scale, when both Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K. Brown revealed that they have both jammed out to Mandy Moore songs.

Mandy's face was priceless when she had to picture both her TV husband and son frolicking on nude beaches.

Then, talk about AWKWARRRRRD with the next question: "Never have I ever had a sex dream about one of my co-stars." Milo immediately asked, "What job are we talking about?" Once again, just look at Mandy' face. She looks GUILTY AF GIRRRRL.

After they agreed it could be about any co-star ever, Milo quickly covered his butt with "I'm good," and Mandy conceded that she "probably" had. But who Mandy, who? My first guess was Shane West from "A Walk To Remember", but only she knows.

Then Sterling stole the show...



 Sterling just underline that he is a funny, funny guy.

But it was all good in the end because the last question reminded us why we all say I Love "This Is Us".

And their answer?

Images courtesy of Buzzfeed, video courtesy of Ellen

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