Raw Banana Patty

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you have heard of banana pancakes, yum, today I give you a recipe which is savory, and healthy too. This is absolutely a high fibre food and can be included in weight loss plan for mini snacking too.

for this you need

Raw banana -3

potato -1

green chillis -2, 

coriander - handful 

Cumin- 1 teaspoon

curry leaves - few

salt and pepper to taste

Boil raw banana and potato untill done, remove and keep aside. now peel bananas and take it in a bowl keep peel aside do not discard as we serve these patty with chutney made from these peels. to the peeled bananas add potato, cumin, salt, cilllis, pepper, curry leaves and coriander leaves and mash together. now make heart shaped pattys and keep aside. 

I am not using any batter as it tastes good by itself and you will not be adding any additional calorie to this by doing so.

Now take a non stick pan and spray with cooking oil. when hot carefully lay all the patties in the pan and fry both sides untill golden brown. Take out in a serving dish since they and not oily.


Peel of the above banana

Green chillis - 2

coriander leaves handful

juice of half lemon, 

salt to taste

Put all of these into a grinder and gringd well. Take out in a bowl to serve. the chutney is ready to be served with patties. 

Here you have a wholsome and tasty dish that can serve 3 people. if on diet make smaller patties. 

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